Short term rental

car-rental-lotDefinitely, if you need a car for a business trip or on a weekend, you want to spend outside the city, car rental Krakow give us the opportunity to borrow a car for a short time. As a result, no problem will be able to purchase such a car and drive it wherever you want. Car Rentals offer a variety of vehicles. Everyone will be able to find something suitable for everyone, which will make the trip will be comfortable for him respectively. If you like big cars, so what we will be able to purchase without any problems. Read More →

What you get with renting a car?

driverWhen you decide to rent a car Krakow, along with the car also gets a few more things you should know about. First of all, every car that rent is insured. It is a protection for us and the owner of the car rental company. If something happened to the car, it was with such assurance measures will be taken to repair the car. As a result, we will not have to worry about this aspect, which is a very big plus. In the end, the way things are happening. In addition, all cars have also made periodic inspections. Read More →

Terms of use rental car

choose carThe important thing is that once you borrow a car, it committed to do so, to take care of it. As a result, we will not have any problems with the owner of rental because he can not accuse us, that in some way uszkodziliśmy such a car. Keep in mind that car rental Krakow has certain obligations and prohibitions that we will have to such a car. First of all, we can not in this car to carry more people than enough as there are seats and how the car was registered. Read More →

Renting a car online

rent and goVery convenient way is to book your car hire online before arrival to the city. Once you get here, it will be waiting for us. Then we will not have to waste time searching for the car and some rental. Definitely cheap car rental Krakow meets the expectations of our customers and helps achieve their side high degree of satisfaction. Finally, when we reach Krakow will be fully motorists. As a result, getting around this city will not constitute no problem for us. We’ll be pleased with the results that we can achieve in such a situation. Read More →

Successful Tour on Krakow

renta a carArriving to Krakow for a weekend is not what bother getting around the city by public transport. It is better to have your own car and wander the city. Therefore it is worth to find a car rental, which we will be able to use. Definitely cheap car rental Krakow is we certainly found. There are several in Krakow. Read More →